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Water Lilies, Nymphaea

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In February of 1893, Monet bought a marshy strip of land at the bottom of his property, intending to create a pool to be fed by the Ru River. There was considerable local opposition to his plan because waterways were managed and could not be polluted or diverted at a landowner's whim.

Monet flew into a rage over the resistance. He exploded, "Don't rent a thing, don't order any lattice, and throw the plants into the river; they will grow there. I don't want to hear another word about it. I want to paint. To hell with the natives and the engineers!" In the end, Monet was granted the necessary permits.

In 1901, Monet enlarged the pond. Work on the pond prevented Monet from painting water lilies for a time and his flower garden again became his favorite subject. By 1903, his water lilies had returned and he concentrated once more on capturing the illusive, trembling reflection of the sky in the translucent pool.

Monet - Water Lilies, Nympheas

Water Lilies, Nympheas

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