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Morning on the Seine, near Giverny II

Signed and dated, lower left, Claude Monet 96
Original: oil on canvas, 312 1/8 x 36 5/8 inches

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Monet made several series of paintings of the Seine. This is one of the later series. In this gentle painting, Monet has achieved a greater degree of unity within the diversity of his subject.

A typical day painting this series began at three-thirty in the morning, when dawn had barely broken. Followed by an assistant, Monet crossed the misty fields to arrive in the place where the Epte meets the Seine.

Monet - Morning on the Seine
Morning on the Seine, near Giverny II

Tall trees shaded small islands in the river. Creeks flowed beneath the leafy canopy and formed still pools. A mist hovered there in the early hours and at twilight.

Monet used a small boat to transport himself and his assistant to a floating studio anchored off the Ile aux Orties. The assistant unwrapped his canvases (Monet often worked on up to fourteen canvases at a time, all begun at different hours with different ranges of the same motif) and Monet began to paint.

Monet said, "I have painted the Seine all my life, at all hours of the day, and in every season… I have never been bored with it: to me it is always different."

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