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Dusk, 1908

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This is one of a series of 37 paintings of the Thames that Monet created over a period of four years. Monet happened to go to London to look into a school for his youngest son, not intending to do any painting. He had brought with him only a few small canvases "for sketching". He only planned to be in London for a week.

Monet checked into the Savoy Hotel and his room there faced the Thames. To the right was Charing Cross Bridge, on the left was Waterloo Bridge, close by were the Houses of Parliament. The whole scene was bathed in a misty, luminous ambiance.

In the end, Monet stayed a month. Then he returned and stayed for three months more. Then he returned for another three months the next year. He kept returning for a period of four years.

Monet - Dusk, 1908

Dusk, 1908

Monet said, "I had a devilishly hard time of it. I ruined more than a hundred canvases. It kept changing all the time, and from one day to the next I would never find the same landscape. What a blessed country! After four years of work and retouching on the spot, I had to resign myself only to making notes and to doing the real work here, in the studio."

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