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Camille Monet and a Child in the Garden

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Monet's Argenteuil figure studies are smaller in size and more intimate in mood than his previous work. From 1872 until the time that Camille's illness became serious the home and garden were recurrent themes in his art.

Madame Monet and Child is one of Monet's most tender portraits. Sequestered by the wall of roses, the two figures seem oblivious of everything but their work and play. Because of the regularity of pattern and contrast of warm and cool colors, the wall of flowers moves to the forefront of the painting, appearing to almost surround the figure of Camille as she sews.

Camille Monet and a child in the garden

Camille Monet and a Child in the Garden

By this time in his career, Monet's technique of broken color can be seen fully developed. Monet has worked large parts of this canvas in trembling flecks of paint. His brush movements, seen in Camille's upswept hair and delicate features express an intimate tenderness. Although the hands are barely suggested, they focus expressively on the point where her needle pierces the white fabric.

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